Flashing Globe When Computer Turns On

One of my friend got a problem when booting up the Mac OSX, the computer takes a long time when booting with a flashing globe on the screen. A folder with a blinking question mark alternated with the Mac logo inside appears also take a long time (several minutes) then Mac boot up normally.

This problem happened when you select Network Disk as Startup Disk and you don’t have NetBoot servers are available. Do the following to rectify the problem:


The following startup sequence is observed:

  1. The computer begins to start up.
  2. A flashing or blinking globe appears on the screen. (This can last several minutes.)
  3. A folder that has an alternating flashing question mark and the Mac OS logo inside appears on the screen. (This can last several minutes.)
  4. The computer starts up normally.


This is happening because Network Disk is selected in the Startup Disk control panel and no NetBoot servers are available.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Startup Disk control panel.
  2. Select the appropriate startup disk icon.
  3. Close the Startup Disk control panel.
  4. Restart the computer.

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